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Art Photography

Fine-art or fine-line photography is photography produced according to the photographer’s vision as an artist, employing photography as a tool for creative expression. The main objective of fine-art photography generally is to portray an idea, an emotion, or a message. The term fine-line is derived from the French word fine, which means finely or keenly cut, indicating the quality of the lines or ‘fine hair’. These lines are highly valued because they portray and convey the emotions of the photograph with finesse. Click to view more here

How to Choose Types of Photography

Art Photography or fine-line photography has experienced a renaissance in the last twenty years, with many contemporary artists such as Stanley Mousehewie, Mark Langan and Billy Jealousy expressing strong opinions against the commercialization of photography and suggesting a return to more personal and meaningful photography. One example of this movement is the work of Nic Phillips, who specialises in photographing young children in order to create meaningful and often life-sized images which can then be displayed. Another artist who is well-known for his intimate and stylish photographs, is the American photographer Terry Richardson, who has also used his art photography to create book and exhibition designs for clients such as the Queen of England. Many celebrities are also part of the world of fine-line photography, with photographer ergo kitten posing for Louis Vuitton goods.

Some fine art photography techniques include skirting, which uses a soft brush to create a soft, translucent background for the photo. Other techniques utilise mattes, which are layers of colour that are deliberately not visible to the naked eye. Soft Focus is a technique in which the photographer focuses only on objects while creating a blurred background, usually to emphasise the beauty of the photograph. In some instances, this may include using black and white film in conjunction with coloured film, allowing for the subtleties of colour. In more recent years, the popularity of photographs such as those taken by Banksy has increased.

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