The Advantages Of Telehandler Hire

What are common telehandler hire prices in Australia? The cost of a telehandler will differ depending on a number of factors. The size of the vehicle be it a standard small telehandler smaller than 2t or a larger 15t, length of hire, fuel buy back, wet/dry storage and engine availability will all affect the total cost. Motorbikes and trucks which carry a large engine weight may also have to be to hire as they are not usually road legal.

The Telehandler Hire That Wins Customers

If your company specialises in the manufacture, production or sale of electrical and telecommunication equipment, a telehandler can be an essential tool in keeping your factory running smoothly. If you often have to move large, heavy pieces of factory equipment from one site to another, then using a telehandler would certainly be beneficial to your business. Alternatively if your telehandler is to be used solely for the purposes of loading and unloading goods and equipment, then it may be more economically viable to hire a forklift truck and utilise this vehicle rather than purchasing one. The most important thing to remember when considering your telehandler needs and its ability to meet your requirements is that you hire only a vehicle which is fully licensed for driving and that it meets all the necessary safety requirements.

In recent years there has been an increase in the use of telehandler hire and the use of forklift trucks with many telehandler owners opting to add on additional attachments to their vehicle. While the attachment choices are great for adding a wide range of attachments, you must consider whether the additional expenditure will be worthwhile. Forklift trucks already have a wide range of attachments available such as pallet trucks, double girder lifts and cable tie downs, making them extremely versatile when it comes to attachments. If you are unable to decide what attachment to add onto your current telehandler then you may wish to consider investing in a second telehandler or hiring a forklift truck.

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